Newton Lodge 216


The Obligation

Last night I knelt where Hiram knelt
and took an obligation,
today I am closer to my God
and I'm a Master Mason.

Tho'heretofore my fellow men
seemed each one like the other,
today I search each one apart
I'm looking for my Brother.

And as I feel his friendly grip
it fills my heart with pride,
I know that while I'm on the square
that he is by my side.

His footsteps on my errand go
if I should such require:
His prayers will lead in my behalf
if I should so desire.

My words are safe within his breast
as though within my own.
His hand forever at my back
to help me safely home.

Good counsel whispers in my ear
and warns of any danger,
By square and compass, a Brother now
who once would call me stranger.

I might have lived a moral life
and risen to distinction,
without my Brothers' helping hand
and Fellowship of Masons.

But God, who knows how hard it is
to resist life's temptations,
He knows why I knelt where Hiram knelt
and took that obligation.

author unknown

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