Newton Lodge 216


Regular Stated Meetings Will Resume With Face Masks Required

2020-06-19 00:00:00.0

Regular Stated Meetings
starting July 6, 2020.
The Dining Room will be closed until further notice.

I have copied a portion of the email pertaining to the RULES that was sent by GL 
They are as follows:

Many of our brethren fall into the high risk group for Covid and this virus has been particularly hard on senior citizens
so it becomes our duty to make our lodges safe.
Some of our members will not want to wear face Masks and or gloves when at lodge,
 "If you do not want to follow the safety rule set out in the Governor's Guidelines STAY HOME".

In this letter I will outline a set of guidelines for all lodges to adhere to.
1 . Lodges will be required to clean and sanitize high traffic, high touch areas and restrooms before each meeting.
2.    Any food preparation will be done in sanitized areas.
      Gloves and face masks will be required for those who prepare and serve the food.
3.    Social distancing will be required.
4.    No physical contact.
5.    An outline of the changes in our ritual and floor work will be forthcoming.
6.    It is not mandatory for you to attend lodge, if you feel the risk is to high please stay home.
7.    Each member should check their temperature at home before leaving for lodge.
       If your temperature is 100 degrees or higher stay home.
8.    If you feel sick or unwell please stay home.
9.    Lodges must have a physical quorum (7 master masons) when this is accomplished the lodge can allow members to attend virtually.
       If the lodge has the ability to conduct secret balloting all in attendance who have the right to vote can vote.
       If the lodge does not have the ability to conduct secret balloting then only those in the physical lodge room may vote.
10.    Honorary members are members and can attend lodge either in person or virtually, but they cannot vote.
1 1. There will be guidelines sent to you for the conduction of degree work. Once we start doing degree work (hopefully in August)
        we will be doing single degrees for some time. We are planning to hold a Grand Master's Festival in the spring. The schedule will be             released when everything is finalized.
12.    Brethren PLEASE do not look for ways to circumvent these guidelines.
         They are for the safety of all and we should as Masons look out for our brother.
13.    Brethren let us error on the side of safety and let's all use common sense in our actions.
14.    Brethren I know that if we all try our best to Meet, Act and Part with the safety of our fellows in mind we can begin
         to bring our Gentle Craft back into the light.

Most Fraternally Yours,
Stephen F. Oakley
Grand Master
Grand Lodge of Illinois